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The SockRush Pioneers

Tony Foot spent the first 22 years of his life as a sock maker in Bath, England. Learning his craft stitch by stitch, he grew to love the odd little inventions which he still likes to think of as ‘bags for feet’, he became a sock fanatic. Working from a lean-to, built against his parents’ compost heap, he often wondered how the socks he made reached the customer, for he has still never been to a shop.

Ivan Arch spent the first 25 years of his life building a computer from completely natural materials, including wax and nut shell. Rummaging around for leaves one day, he met Tony Foot at the bottom of a garden. Although the two did not get on, they realized that socks plus computers could be big in Iceland, and possibly even beyond. At the time Ivan did not wear socks, but now he does.

Dimitri Pullemoff's claim to fame is that he invented plates. Many people have scoffed at this suggestion, but it is, as far as he knows, true. Invented almost by accident, whilst working as a bowl spinner at a circus built next to a pottery in Athens, the plates changed the world. Alas, they did not change Dimitri's world, as he accidentally registered them with the patent office as 'bowl coverers' and was defeated in a series of high-profile court cases by the Ancient Egyptians. Dimitri is arguably best known for his late sixties venture, PlateRush, designed for the internet but tragically misnamed. He lives in a tree.

Maggie Sniffer discovered America. She met Dimitri Pullemoff outside a Cairo courthouse and warmed instantly to the man's shoes. Taking pity on Dimitri's ludicrous background, Maggie agreed to re-work his pre-internet business plan into something more acceptable. By strange coincidence, Maggie was a judge at the 'Hand-Made Computer Awards 2000', where she met Ivan Arch.

And a great big thank you to Roger Leboff for all the fantastic cartoons all over the site.

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