SockRush FAQs

How do I subscribe to SockRush?

We thought you’d never ask J Just click on ‘Subscribe Now’ on the home page, or ‘Buy Socks’ on any other page. Ordering is extremely simple. We’ll need to know how often you want your socks delivered, and we’ll ask some questions about sock size and length. Once you’ve ordered, we’ll keep sending you socks so you’ll never need to worry about them again. So what’s keeping you?!

Can SockRush be a gift?

Yes! Almost half of all our socks are sold as gifts. It’s the perfect present that keeps on giving. We’ll send the socks to the lucky person as often as you ask us to. To find out how to get started, go to ‘Gift Socks’ on the home page or any of the main pages.

Change of address: How do I change my delivery address?

You need to go to part of site marked ‘I’m Back’. Here you can log in using your email address and password.

Oops, I’ve forgotten my Password!

You silly old thing! Just select the forgotten password option when you log in incorrectly and we’ll remind you!

What time is it?

If you’re near a clock, have a quick look. Alternatively, shout to someone nearby as they almost always know. If we were guessing, we’d say half past ten.

I want to change my order! How do I do that? (Changing the length, colour or regularity or socks)

Just email us with your Unique Customer ID, and we’ll make the change right away.

OK OK – What’s my customer number?

It should be on every letter we’ve sent you so far. It will also be on the initial email we sent you when you joined, and with your monthly dispatch email.

Returns: I don’t like my socks! Where should I send them back to?

First of all, please email us at and we will be right back to you

I’ve heard Giraffes have blue tongues. Is that true?

Yes, it’s absolutely correct. Weird Huh?

Sizes: What size socks do you sell?

The socks come in three sizes. (UK shoe sizes).




Socks: What kind of socks do you sell?

We sell knee-length socks and calf length socks. All of our socks are black, but you can choose to have coloured ends on them.

The socks themselves are of the highest quality. They are cotton rich and we searched the world for almost a year to find the ‘perfect pair'.

Do you sell other coloured socks?

No we don’t. We want to make SockRush as simple, useful and brilliant as possible. We’ve decided to keep to black socks so that we can do the best possible job for you.

Terms and conditions: What are they?

Our T+Cs are explained in full HERE.

Which countries do you deliver SockRush to?

We deliver EVERYWHERE! Perhaps you could be our first EVER subscriber in your country? Thank you for helping us to spread the word!

How do I check my account?
If you click on ‘I’m Back’ you can access your account by entering your email and password. If you forgotten that information

You haven’t answered my question!!!

Sorry. Please write to us with your question at It is our mission to answer all questions within 48 hours, but we’ll be much quicker than that if we can.

Cancellation: How do I cancel my Subscription?

It’s easy. Just log into your account and choose "Cancel Subscription" We’ll be sorry to see you go L If you have time to tell us why you’re leaving, we’d really appreciate that as we hate it when people decide to move on.

Q. Can I have coloured toes on my long socks?

A. No you cannot.

Q.Why not?

If you would like to lobby for long socks with coloured toes, please e-mail us!

 Q. Can I change my delivery dates?

A No you cannot

Q. Why not
A We would love to you give that option,
unfortunately our payment provider does not allow this change.

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